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Sentinel Layers Plaques

Sentinel Layers says it all. Layers is the key word; your dedication plaques are layered and even built up with space to develop an impressive depth to its finished look. This is done with layers of satin finished plastics. Our expert graphic artists will design free of charge a layered plaque that will display sophistication obtained by varying levels, accenting important elements of your membership plaque.

Our Sentinel satin plastic layers can be designed using the following layered colors: satin black, white, light blue and dark blue. We are not limited to how many layers or how many different colors of layers that are used. A layer can be directly layered on one another or can be spaced with various thicknesses of spacers to deliver a bolder depth if desired.

You will want your dedication plaque to portray a look of importance, authority and display a credible credential that establishes your member with credibility in their business world. Sentinel Layers membership plaques does this by building layers of sophisticated elements in its design.

Coates Designers are experts at taking all your elements to be included in the membership plaque and tying them together into a meaningful arrangement that exemplifies an elegant credential.

Coates Designers professional graphic artists design your membership plaques without any charge. We are the only company we are aware of that does not charge for color matching. We do not charge for any of our set-ups. Year dates are included FREE with your plaque order. All our plaques, even our diamond shape stand as well as hang.

Additional Options we offer: Dimensional Gold Stamping, Full color logos/photos/computer graphics, Multiple year date blocks
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