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Sentinel Membership Plaques

Sentinel Membership Corporate Plaques are designed to deliver an elegant presentation at the most reasonable cost. Your unique logo, title, slogan and web site are thoughtfully laid out and delineated by highly professional graphic artists. Every organization is totally unique and requires expert experienced graphic artists designing your corporate plaques; giving them an appearance of elegance and authority. The shape of your logo, the length of your title and all pertinent information in the design will determine the overall shape of the plaque.

The Sentinel Membership Plaque offers Chambers of Commerce, Trade associations of all types and Corporate America a graphic credential one can be proud of while maintaining the demands of a lean budget.

Your design is gold stamped elegantly on a solid black satin plastic. Other plastic base color options are: white, light blue and dark blue. Other stamped and printed colors are almost limitless.

Coates Designers expert graphic artists design your membership corporate plaque without charge. We color match without charge. We do not charge for any setups. Year dates are included free with your plaque order. All of our plaques can stand as well as hang.

Additional Options we offer: Dimensional Gold Stamping, Full color logos/photos/computer graphics, Multiple year date blocks
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